Car Hacks That Will Change Your Life!

As much as we love to drive, we understand that owning a car comes with a lot of maintenance. This maintenance can not only be time consuming, but it can also cost you a pretty penny. We wanted to make your driving lives a little easier, and have comprised a list of cars hacks that, once you read, you simply won’t be able to live without!

1. Brush Your Teeth… and Your Headlights!

If you find that your headlights are becoming cloudy, use toothpaste to clean them! It’s as easy as applying the toothpaste to the headlight and rubbing it all over with a cloth. After you rinse the toothpaste off, your headlights will be clear as day light!

2. Never Forget Where You Parked!

We have all found ourselves in the situation of turning on our car alarm just to find where our car is parked. If you find yourself doing this more often than not, than the iParkedHere app is just right for you! This app allows you to put where your car is in both an indoor or outdoor parking lot. In other cases, if your car has bluetooth and your phone has iMaps, and they’re both connected, your iMaps will automatically remember where you’ve left your car.

3. Coffee Filter + Olive Oil = a Sparkling interior

Drop a little bit of olive oil into a coffee filter to get the perfect cleaning product for the interior of your car! Not only is this cost efficient but it will capture all of the dirt that’s been sitting in your car for weeks!

4. A Little Nail Polish Can Go a Long Way!

Minor chipping or scratching on your car is inevitable, but luckily, the fix is easy! Grab the closest nail polish that’s the same color as your car and apply the polish to the small chip/scratch. Voila! It’s as if it never happened. If you happen to get a bigger scratch that nail polish can’t fix… You’ll want to visit us!

We would love to hear if these car hacks have helped you! If you find yourself in need of our auto collision repair services, please do not hesitate to give us a call, or stop by one of our 3 convenient locations and we’ll get you back on the road in no time!