Ways to Reduce Your Gas Usage!

If you read our last blog (link to last blog once live), you learned that 2017 is going to be a year of higher gas prices. While the use of our cars is something we can’t avoid, this increase will lead to more money out of our pockets! What if there was a way, however, to avoid spending more money at the pumps? We have comprised a list of easy steps that you can take to significantly decrease the amount you spend on gas!

Don’t Drive if You Don’t Have to!

The best way to reduce fuel usage, is to not use fuel at all! If you have the option to
not drive, then don’t. There are a number of practises you can do to avoid
driving entirely such as:

Car Pool – By Carpooling you can save up to 30% of gas usage. Sharing a ride to work with a
friend can effectively double your fuel economy. Not to mention, it’ll get you into the carpool lane!

Public Transit– This can include riding the bus, biking, walking instead of driving!

Online Shop – Take advantage of the resources available to you and do errands through the internet! Amazon is a great place to get all your household needs, and there are a ton of online groceries websites, too!

Change Your Driving Habits!

Changing driving habits is an easy and effective way to save a ton of money on fuel usage. Change bad habits, into money saving ones, including:

Not Using Your Air Conditioner – Using the air conditioner increases fuel cost from 13% to 21%. Instead, open your windows!

Eliminate Extra Weight – a heavier car causes more gas usage. Take some time to clean it out and remove any unnecessary weight.

Slow Down – You would be surprised with how much fuel you waste by driving fast! If you simply travel 60 mph instead of 70 mph on a 20 mile highway commute, you will save 103 gallons of gas at the end of 5 days!

Make Sure Your Car is Running Properly!

Regular maintenance on your vehicle will ensure that your vehicle is achieving its best fuel economy. Do this by:

Making Sure Your Tires Are Inflated:  Tires that are not inflated properly can reduce fuel economy by up to 5%. It is estimated that if all Californians had properly inflated and aligned tires, we would save 300 million gallons of gasoline a year. It’s that easy!

Replacing Dirty Air Filters–  believe it or not, dirty air filters cause your car’s engine to
work much harder than it has to. These inevitably results in poor fuel economy.

Don’t let this year’s high gas prices get in your way! Let us know if our tips have helped you, we would love to hear your story! If you ever find yourself in need of our collision repair services, please do not hesitate to give us a call, or stop by one of our 3 convenient locations and we’ll get you back on the road in no time!